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ME3- 350gal

Series ME3 350gal Mastic Melter

A Dedicated Mastic Melter with Cimline Innovation and Quality:
Cimline has created a new product line for customers that use prepackaged mastic as part of their pavement maintenance process. The ME3 was designed to be a straightforward, reliable and safe way for operators to be able to apply mastic repairs to asphalt roadways and parking lots.
High Capacity:
Higher capacity and higher productivity. With a 350 gallons capacity it can be filled and used for extended periods before reloading. This pays dividends for larger government entities who cover a lot of ground or contractors where time is money.
Cimline Reliability:
Sturdy and simple to understand controls, proven Isuzu Tier IV diesel engine reliability, heavy duty auger and bearings, thick 7 gauge steel tank design. The Cimline ME3 is the obvious choice.
High Quality:
 Renowned Cimline quality, extensive dealer network and post sale support teams make it the customer preferred machine for prepackaged mastic applications.
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