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ME2- 250gal

Series ME2 250gal Mastic Melter

A Mid-Sized Mastic Melter with Cimline Innovation and Quality:

Cimline has created a mid-sized mastic melter applicator for smaller municipalities and contractors that uses prepackaged mastic to accomplish their pavement maintenance needs. The ME2 was designed to be a smaller, more maneuverable unit for operators to safely apply mastic repairs more quickly to roadways and parking lots.

250 Gallon Capacity:
Mid-sized capacity with faster melt times for more flexible productivity. With a 250 gallon capacity the ME2 can be filled and maneuvered more quickly which is useful for quick turn projects. This unit is exceptional for medium size or larger entities who need an affordable mid-sized mastic solution.
Cimline Reliability:

Sturdy and simple to understand controls, proven Isuzu Tier IV diesel engine reliability and thick 7 gauge steel tank design. The Cimline ME2 is a solid performer.

High Quality:
Renowned Cimline quality, extensive dealer network and post sale support teams make the ME Series units the customer preferred machines for prepackaged mastic applications.
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