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ME1- 60gal Skid Mount

Series ME1 60gal Mastic Melter- Skid Mount
An Economical and Simple Mastic Melter:

Cimline’s ME1 is an economical and easy-to-use compact mastic melter for public entities and contractors who are looking to add mastic patching to their service offering. The ME1 is the perfect solution for a crew that needs a small batch and quick turnaround mastic applicator that can be added to an existing production process in commercial applications and communities of any size.

Small Size with Quick Production:

The ME1 with its 60-gallon capacity and 250,000 BTU diesel burner is able to bring material to application temperature in as little as 45 minutes. This makes quick work of patching cracks, potholes, utility cuts and other defects. Compact design and weight allows it to be transported in the bed of a ¾ ton pickup truck while also towing a dedicated crack sealer or spray injection patching unit.

Cimline Reliability Designed In:

We selected and tested the components on the ME1 with an eye towards maximum uptime and low cost of ownership. From the Beckett burner to the Kohler gas engine to our field proven control system, the ME1 was designed for durability and years of service.

High Quality:
Designed and manufactured in the US by a dedicated team of engineers and skilled craftsmen. We pride ourselves on our 50 plus year history of designing and manufacturing machines of the highest quality and with the most innovative features.
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