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Rubberized Joint Seal Tape

QJ is designed to be an over-banding joint sealing compound, it is an effective means to seal asphaltic concrete longitudinal joints as well as applications where flexible pavement abuts rigid cementitious concrete edges. QJ is a Peel (remove white release liner)’, Stick (place and press exposed mastic against pavement surface)’, Heat (apply flame heat evenly over entire surface until liquification).
This rubberized, non-tracking asphaltic membrane aggressively adheres to a clean, dry, and debris free pavement joint. QJ works to minimize water infiltration into paved surface joints, thus reducing the deterioration of the structural pavement base.

Easily and Conveniently extend the life of your flexible pavement by minimizing water penetrating through cracks and joints. Totally eliminate the heating time needed when using a Melter, the labor and mess when using a Pour Pot and the larger equipment necessary to haul specialized pavement joint sealing tools.

QJ is a self adhering rubberized asphaltic strip that can be quickly placed over the crack or joint, melted with a minimum amount of torch flame, thus requiring less time and labor costs.
After cooling and setting up QuikJoint mastic material is non-tracking.

Rolls are Packaged in a 6 gallon plastic pail.
QJ-2 inch wide x 50 feet long, 8 rolls (400 lin. ft.) per Pail
QJ-4 inch wide x 50 feet long, 4 rolls (200 lin. ft.) per Pail