Direct Fire

flex-a-fillFlex-A-Fill Sealant

Flex-A-Fill sealant is a hot-applied polymer modified asphalt product used to fill cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements. When properly melted and applied Flex-A-Fill forms an adhesive and flexible compound which resists cracking in the winter months and is highly resistant to tracking in warm summer temperatures. Packaged in convenient 30 Lb boxes, 75 boxes per pallet.

ac-20-tacSuper Stretch

Super Stretch is our premium crack and joint filler. Designed for both oil jacketed and direct fired tar kettles.

Super Stretch is our finest crackfilling material. Heat stabilized formula specialized for both direct fire and oil jacketed tar kettles. Best suited for extreme temperatures where setup time is crucial. This sealant is highly resistant to destructive organic materials and salts. It is an excellent waterproofing sealant. Ideal for all pavements. Packaged in 34 LB blocks with 75 boxes per pallet. Pallet weight 2,550 Lbs.

Flex-A-Fill Data Sheet
Direct Fire FlexAFill202
Super Stretch Data Sheet
Direct Fire SuperStretch203