V-Seal 101

V-SEAL_101V-Seal 101 is a chemically reactive deep penetrating sealer that permanently fuses within porous substrates of concrete, brick, stone, and mortar to significantly increase surface strength, combat freeze/thaw damage, and limit penetration of stains and damaging impurities such as oil, gas, grease, and salt.

V-Seal 101 reduces dusting, retards mold and mildew, restricts efflorescence and hydrostatic moisture, and imparts waterproof characteristics. V-Seal 101 is breathable with minimal impact to traction coefficient. V-Seal 101 has excellent moisture retention characteristics and can be used as a curing agent for new machine trowel concrete.

V-Seal 101 creates a cross-linked insoluble internal membrane barrier that will wear away only if the substrate itself wears away below sealer penetration. In addition to being a powerful exterior sealer, V-Seal 101 leave no topical residue and is an ideal primer to protect and the appearance and lifespan of topical coating and floor treatments.

Recommended Uses

Sealing residential and commercial structures such as machine trowel concrete floors, brick walls and chimneys, mortar, stucco, pagers, block, natural stone, artificial stone, roads, driveways, parking decks, sidewalks, patios, and basements. Architectural features such as countertops, mantels, furniture, ponds, fountains, and statues. V-Seal 101 is suitable for interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical, above and below grade applications. This product is compatible with most flues, mastics, and topical coatings. V-Seal 101 can be used as a curing agent for new machine trowel concrete.

Coverage Rates *

Smooth Troweled: 300-600 sq.ft./Gal

Broom Finished: 200-300 sq.ft./Gal

*Coverage rates are for estimating purposes only and will vary based on substrate porosity.