Glenzoil 20 Plus

Glenzoil 20 Plus is an all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable liquid that is sprayed onto freshly applied hot pour cracksealants to prevent tracking problems while the sealant is curing.

Glenzoil 20 Plus is sprayed onto freshly applied hot pour crackfiller with a hand pump sprayer. When sprayed onto the surface of the sealant, Glenzoil 20 Plus provides a protective barrier which allows vehicles and traffic immediate access to the repaired pavement. Glenzoil requires only one person to apply and eliminates the additional costs associated with the use of blotting materials such as sand and other time consuming methods. There is no need to set up traffic cones to keep traffic off the sealant and time is never wasted waiting for the sealant to cool, eliminating long lane closures. Glenzoil 20 Plus will not affect your crack sealant. Material will dispate with next rainfall.