Wire Brush Machine

billy-goat-grazorAn industrial strength crevice cleaner. Ideal for the removal of debris and weeds from asphalt and concrete cracks.

The Billy Goat Grazor is your answer to vegitation removal from asphalt and concrete cracks. A 4 h.p. Honda engine powers a solid steel wire bristle brush that quickly cleans the crevice of debris to provide a better edge for asphalt sealing. Six depth adjustments and side swivel give you versatility and worry free operation.

The Grazor® is invaluable for the sealing contractor who has to remove vegetation and other debris from cracks and crevices before laying down crackfiller and applying sealant.

grazor grazor2

Little Wonder Pro Model Crack Cleaner

little-wonder-crack-cleanerNever before have asphalt cracks and expansion joints been so easy to prepare for filling and sealing. This heavy duty crack cleaner will save you time and labor and put extra dollars in your pocket.

This unit is the ONLY true direct drive crack cleaner. Double drive belts guarantee total, non-slip power transmission to the wire wheel. We’ve also added large, double front wheels for stability and a three quart fuel tank.