Magma-410 Heated Hose

cimline-410The Magma Gen IV is the latest in a long line of melter applicators from Cimline. With three capacities to choose from (150, 230, 410 gallon) the Magma Gen IV is sure to meet your job requirements.
These oil-jacketed units are capable of heating a variety of hot applied crack sealant materials efficiently and quickly.Features

  • Three Capacities: 150, 230 & 410 Gallon
  • Digital Flow Control: Provides smooth and even material flow
  • Automatic Digital Temperature Controls
  • All Diesel, Engine and Burner
  • Auger/Agitator: Ensures even mixing and eliminates temperature stratification
  • Internal Recirculation: Super fast heat up and recovery time
  • Auto/Manual Operation: Choose the operation that works best for your application.
  • Ergonomic Wand: Features an operator friendly wand with “No Drip” shut off valve.
  • Easy-to-Read Gauges: Diesel and hydraulic tank equipped
  • Options to consider: Integrated Air Compressor and Hot Air lance package