SRM 10×120 Recycler

asphalt-recyclerProduce Hot Mix Asphalt 24-7 for under $20.00 a Ton

Stepp’s SRM 10×120 asphalt recyclers are fully mobile and need no extra equipment on the road to do repairs. The SRM will produce 1/2 ton batches of high quality Hot Mix Asphalt in minutes from millings or virgin materials any time of the year. This asphalt recycler is a pug mill design and has no flame hitting the material. Millings are fed directly from your dump truck to a conveyor that loads the hopper.

With the indirect heating system and on board liquid asphalt tank the SRM can recycle or produce virgin, custom or spec mix designs with ease. STS Contract Logo NJPA ImageThis recycler is ideal for pothole patching, repairing utility trenches, water main breaks and all other types of asphalt repairs. Don’t forget the plate compactor carrier and jackhammer options to create an all-in-one patching powerhouse.

* Available for government purchase through National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) and Ohio STS contracts.


  • Produces up to 3 Tons Per Hour
  • Makes 1,000 Lb Batches

Design Benefits

  • Diesel Fired with Kubota Engine
  • Pugmill Design- No direct flame
  • Additive tank for additional liquid
  • Onboard spray tack hose & wand
  • Conveyor loading- No need for loader or skid steer
  • Trailer mounted
  • Customize: many options available