Stepp Mfg manufactures two pug-mill type asphalt recyclers. The Stepp SMM Tailgate mixer will produce 1/4 ton batches in under 10 minutes. This is a great addition to your equipment inventory. The SMM is a self contained unit that hooks to your tailgate of your dump truck. This pug-mill is great for heating cold patch, recycling millings, or making virgin material. You can produce 300°+ material all year long. Stepp Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the leader in Asphalt recycling equipment unlike our competitors ours asphalt recyclers need no additional equipment on the roadway. Both the Stepp SRM 10-120 and the Master Mixer are self contained units that just need a truck and milling to repair your potholes with HMA. The Stepp Asphalt Recycler line is built in the US. Stepp MFG has been building asphalt recyclers for over 30 years. Our Master Mixer was built over 30 years ago as a mixer for heating cold patch.

Asphalt Recycling is exactly that. Using your waste millings and recycling them into Hot Mix Asphalt. Our asphalt recycler is more than just a box that heats up asphalt with a couple of burners “we call them hot boxes”, they are great for keeping your hot mix warm and warming up your cold patch. Yes if you buy virgin material, spread it and stack it you can heat the virgin material back into usable asphalt. As far as that goes our hot boxes do that and we don’t put special names on them to up sell our customers. We just recommend you use oil jacketed to get a more consistent heat. We use two burners being we have a better design and don’t need the extra burners to get the heat where it needs to be.