SSPH Capacity: 1.35 & 3 Ton

ssph-1.35SSPH “Hot Pack” Slip-In

Stepp’s SSPH Hot Pack Slip-In Patch Body is designed to utilize your small truck fleet. This unit is more maneuverable with lower manpower requirements resulting in less operator fatigue. The oil-jacketed design along with the diesel burner system will give you smooth and even heating creating a reliable hot product. This unit is designed to lower your overall asphalt repair costs and requires no special set up or truck dedication.

Available Sizes

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  • SSPH-1 Cubic Yard (1.35 Ton Capacity)
  • SSPH-2 Cubic Yard (3 Ton Capacity)

Design Benefits

  • Oil Jacketed Heating System
  • Operates from truck electrical system
  • Shovel platform with auto level for operator comfort
  • Automatic Temperature Controls
  • Controls located within easy operator reach
  • Dual rear adjustable tailgate locks included
  • Shovel holder located next to burner exhaust to keep warm
  • Cold mix friendly