SPH Capacity: 2, 3, 4 Ton

The Stepp Asphalt Hot Box is the perfect piece of asphalt equipment for your asphalt repair needs. The SPH hot box design incorporates performance, durability and versatility for your pothole patching requirements and budget. Whether your application is to keep your hot mix at temperature, reclaiming asphalt or just heating up cold patch, the SPH hot box will meet your needs.Available Sizes

  • SPH 1.5 Cubic Yards (2 Ton Capacity)
  • SPH 2.0 Cubic Yards (3 Ton Capacity)
  • SPH 3.0 Cubic Yards (4 Ton Capacity)

STS Contract Logo NJPA ImageDesign Benefits

  • Propane or Diesel fired
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Heat riser in center of the hopper for heat distribution
  • Sloped design of the hopper allows material to “flow” to the shovel platform
  • Top door lift assists for ease of opening
  • 1/4” Stainless steel floor
  • Customize- many options available
  • Digital electronic thermostats for precise temperature control, safety and ease of operation