SPHD Dump Style 3 & 4 Ton

Stepp’s SPHD Dump Hot Box is the King of Hot Boxes, designed with the end user in mind. The Low Profile design and dumping capabilities combined with the oil jacketed heating system Stepp engineers have hit a home run. The Stepp Hot Pack Dump Trailer is designed with a GREEN friendly exhaust system that recirculates exhausts for better burner efficiency. The SPHD is the perfect blend of performance, durability and versatility for your pothole patching needs and budget. That’s what puts us a “Stepp” above the rest.

STS Contract Logo NJPA Image* Available for government purchase through National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Contract #113012-SMC and Ohio STS Contract #800397.

Available Sizes

  • SPHD 2.0 Cubic Yards (3 Ton Capacity)
  • SPHD 3.0 Cubic Yards (4 Ton Capacity)

Design Benefits

  • Lowest profile on the market
  • Diesel burner
  • Designed with proper weight distribution in mind “NO OUTRIGGERS NEEDED”
  • Dump Style Hopper with heavy duty double acting scissor truck hoist
  • Door Lift Assist for easy operation
  • Oil Jacketed Design for efficient heating, eliminates hot spots
  • Digital Electronic Thermostats for precise temperature control, safety and ease of operation
  • 50° dumping angle
  • On board battery charger
  • Customize; many options available